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Cork oak bark is harvested by hand without damaging the tree and grows back to be harvested again every 9 years over the life courseof 200 years of this tree..
Each time the bark grows back, it removes CO2 from the air.

The cork oak actively participates in the fight against global warming.

Cork oaks consume 3 to 5 more carbon dioxide than normal when they regenerate their bark, which contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases responsible for climate change.

Le Chêne-Liège, our Breath of Oxygen!!

A Propos Du Liège

What is corkge?

Cork is simply the bark of the cork oak.
Despite this apparent natural simplicity, neither scientific research nor human technological innovations could create a product that equals the grandeur and excellence of cork.Liège.


Suberin, the main constituent of cork, is a waxy substance that makes it practically impermeable to liquids and gases. It is therefore naturally waterproof.


Due to its resistance to humidity, cork is hardly subject to the aging process. It is also ranked among the most sustainable organic materials.s.


The air contained in the micro-cells of the cork constitutes 90 of its volume and about 50 of its weight. It is therefore a material five times lighter than water!u!


Cork is very resistant to wear and has a very high coefficient of friction..
Our cork products are sturdy and will last for many years to come, even if you wear them daily in your jeans pocket..

Soft & amp; Flexible

Naturally elastic, cork is able to adapt to variations in temperature and pressure without undergoing alteration. This makes the cork extremely flexible, perfect for jewelry.x.


Because cork does not absorb dust, it protects against allergies and poses no risk to people with asthma..


Warm and velvety, it sits halfway between suede and leather. As soft as fur and as light as silk, cork is an ancestral VEGAN material, unmatched to this day.


Clean the cork with a soft sponge and a little soapy water. Wipe with a soft cloth..