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Who are we ?

Our encounter with cork began in a forest park. in Portugal ...

Fascinated by creativity, and the touch of local artisans, able to shape and dye cork in a thousand and one ways. But also fascinated by the intelligence of the cultivation of cork oak and the respect for ancestral traditions, in perfect harmony with the environment.

It is the only logging operation that does not require felling the tree. To regenerate its bark, the Cork oak consumes 9 times more CO2.

Cork leather allows you to create unique creations that are as resistant as animal leather.

But why is cork so little known in France? Hell, it's only used to make traffic jams, and people need to know it!

Invested in a common quest for natural harmony, we participate, to our rightful extent, in the safeguard of our Planet.

Cork is an invaluable natural resource, 100 ecological and we want it to be adopted by the greatest number, this is the story of So Cork in a few words ....

We wish you a very nice visit to our site, the quality of the photos of which almost allows you to feel the sweetness of Liège ....

And don't forget that for each item purchased, you also participate in a reforestation program!

Chêne-Liège is a breath of fresh air! Switch to cork!